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Onepay giveaway with the famous 'Sar Mel'
20 Jan 2021

Onepay giveaway with the famous 'Sar Mel'

Enjoy the 'Sar Mel' food show and join the Onepay quiz giveaways to win exciting prizes like 5000ks, 10000ks e-wallets and many more!
31 Dec 2020

Always be prepared for an adventure

Purchase all your favorite digital codes and in-game currencies in one app.
04 Nov 2020

Pay into your Onepay wallet with TrueMoney

Find your nearest TrueMoney agent to pay money directly into your Onepay wallet. It’s easy, fast and safe to do.
16 Sep 2020

Always start with a Good Meal

Preparing for an Idol contest? Don’t let your hunger affect your performance. Order now from Onepay x Food2U to satisfy your hunger.
28 Aug 2020

Happy Birthday Onepay!

Onepay is a year old. So all our Onepay family are celebrating. We look forward to more years with you as your chosen lifestyle and financial app
21 Jul 2020

Transfer money on the go with Onepay

With Onepay you can transfer money on the go - anytime, or anywhere.
19 Jun 2020

Transfer money directly to local banks

The interbank service from Onepay allows you to transfer money directly to local bank accounts. Simple bank transfers at your fingertips with Onepay.
08 Apr 2020

Onepay helps you achieve more in a day

Using Onepay for all your lifestyle needs. You can shop, pay bills and buy travel tickets all through your Onepay app.
09 Mar 2020

Play more, pay less!

This March, don't miss the best deals for gamers! Top-up your HOG account with Onepay to enjoy 10% OFF & up to 2.5% OFF on all gaming digital code purchases via ONE-Codes.