Onepay helps move to a cashless society

29 May 2020

Recently James Faulkner, head of marketing at Onepay discussed the future of Oepay and how it was helping create a cashless society in Myanmar.

Cashless payments have been growing in popularity over the last ten years and Onepay’s interbank option is the latest to come to the market. With the backing of AGD Bank, Onepay is different from other mobile money services.

James Faulkner says,

“Onepay is the only mobile money app that offers a completely digital experience when registering. Users can complete the registration process in the app without having to submit identification documents to an agent. This is a prime example where we register all our verified users in the app.

Also, Onepay is different from other mobile money services because it allows users to top up their mobile wallets using Visa, Mastercard and MPU cards. You don’t need to be an AGD Bank customer to make transfers, and you can even use foreign cards to top u the wallet. Onepay with the support from AGD Bank, offers the only mobile interbank service in Myanmar. It allows users to transfer money between AGD Bank and other major banks in Myanmar.”

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