One app is all you need

28 August 2019

An all-rounder e-wallet to make your life easy and convenient. Your mobile is your wallet now, one app is all you need now.

One app is all you need.

Onepay is the only app you will need for all your lifestyle and financial requirements. Take your wallet with you everywhere you go with Onepay.

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08 Apr 2020

Onepay helps you achieve more in a day

Using Onepay for all your lifestyle needs. You can shop, pay bills and buy travel tickets all through your Onepay app.
09 Mar 2020

Play more, pay less!

This March, don't miss the best deals for gamers! Top-up your HOG account with Onepay to enjoy 10% OFF & up to 2.5% OFF on all gaming digital code purchases via ONE-Codes.
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Make shopping easier with Onepay

Use your Onepay app to make cashless payments. Scan & Pay in store or use Onepay to complete all your online shopping and digital product needs.