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Our Story

Onepay represents the future of e-wallet financial services and the rising use of  e-commerce platforms across Myanmar. Onepay makes ordinary moments extraordinary - with just one app!

Our Vision

Our company's vision is to create a cashless e-money processing system that provides real-time financial settlement. Making transactions for consumers and merchants easier. 

AGD Bank

AGD bank is the Official Banking Partner of Onepay. Through Onepay, users will be allowed to access exclusive AGD Pay features only eligible for

AGD Bank customers.




You can access everything you need in one place and in just one click.

Buy, pay, donate or book anything that you need.


Your personal financial adviser, with easy accessible cash machine and support assistance, all available in one view.


You can use the Onepay app securely with just your fingerprint. One touch access enables you to instantly transfer money and enjoy AGD Pay features.





What is Onepay?

Onepay is a super-app that effortlessly combines financial and lifestyle activities, making it smarter, faster and easier to pay for everything; from daily essentials like bus tickets and bills, to ordering food and even donating to a user's favorite charity.

Who can use Onepay?

Anyone who has access to a smartphone and a valid Myanmar mobile number (MPT, Telenor, Ooredoo, Mytel, MECTEL) and internet connectivity can use Onepay.

Do I need to open a bank account to register for Onepay?

No. You can simply download the app and register using your mobile phone number.

How do I register for Onepay?

Download the Onepay app from Android (or) Apple store for free and follow the on-screen prompts. You will need to provide your phone number for registration. Alternatively, you can visit any AGD Bank branch or Onepay agent to help you register for Onepay.

How can I become an Onepay agent or merchant?

To register as a merchant or agent, please contact us at 09-6883 83838 or email

How can I use the tab called “Near Me”?

Nearest Agents for Cash In/ Cash out and nearest Scan & Pay Merchants can be found in the Near Me tab.

Will the Onepay app always be FREE?

Yes, Onepay is FREE to use and download from the Google Play or App Store. There are no hidden fees or charges in Onepay.

What languages are Onepay available in?

Onepay is currently available only in Zawgyi and English language. We are working on updating Onepay to Unicode, very soon!

How do I contact Onepay for further help?

You can contact us through:

1) On Onepay side tab, there is Onepay Live Support

2) Message us on our Facebook and Instagram page @onepaymm

3) Send an email to us at

4) Submit a request through our website,

5) Contact us at 09-6883 83838, charges will be incur for calls

Is The Onepay wallet secure?

Yes. Onepay can be logged into only one device at any time. An OTP code is also required to do a fresh login. In addition, passcode or biometric is required again to access app and confirm payments.


How do I pay using QR code?

1. Simply scan the QR Code that is presented by the merchant, or on display at the store. 2. Enter the amount to pay. 3. Confirm your payment by entering a passcode.

Can I use Onepay to buy goods and services?

Yes, you can use Onepay to pay for any goods and services at our official merchants displaying the Onepay logo and QR stand.

How do I know if my money has reached the recipient?

You will receive a confirmation notification after each transaction to show that it has been successful.

Will I receive sms or e-mail after making a payment each time?

All Onepay users will receive push notification instead of sms. High-KYC users in addition will receive e-mail confirmation of the order.

How many months back can I check my past transaction history?

You can check the last 5 months of your transaction history.

Can I transfer funds to individuals who do not have Onepay account?

Yes. You can now transfer money from your Onepay account to 16 local Banks with Onepay's mobile interbank transfer feature.


What is low-KYC (unverified) account?

Low-KYC (unverified) accounts are users who have registered for Onepay but have not verified their identities. Low-KYC users have a daily maximum transaction limit of 400,000 Kyats. Users can submit their accounts for verification by going to 'My Account' in Onepay app and filling in the required information and uploading pictures of their NRC.

What is high-KYC (verified) account?

High KYC (verified) accounts are users whose accounts have been verified. High-KYC users have a daily maximum transaction limit of 10,000,000 Kyats.

How can I verify my account using Onepay app?

1. Go to 'My Accounts'. 2. Upload pictures of your NRC and signature. 3. Provide your date of birth, residence address and email address. Then, press 'Save'. 4. Receive verification notifcation once your account has been verified.

What is my daily transaction limit?

If you are a low-KYC user, your daily transaction limit is 400,000 Kyats. If you are a high-KYC user, your daily transaction limit is 10,000,000 Kyats.

Why am I unable to link my bank account to Onepay?

To link your bank account to Onepay, it must be an AGD Bank account and the registered phone number for your bank account must be the same as your Onepay account number.

I am unable to login in two devices?

For security reasons, when you login to a new device, you will automatically be logged out of your old device. Only one device can be logged in at any given time.

What should I do if I lost my phone?

You should immediately contact Onepay customer support and request them to freeze/disable your account. Freezing your account not allow anyone to make transactions using your Onepay account.

Can I change my registered mobile number?

You cannot change the registered mobile number. You will need to register a new Onepay account and transfer the funds from your old account to new account.

Can I have more than one verified (high-KYC) account?

Currently, users are not allowed to have more than one high-KYC account.

Can I use my nickname for my Onepay account?

Your full name from your NRC/passport must be used for high-KYC account. However, your nickname can be used for your low-KYC account.

How long will it take to get my account verified for high-KYC?

It will be verified within 3 working days. If some information is missing, our Onepay support team will contact you to help.

Interbank Transfer

What is the Interbank service feature?

The interbank feature is the first service in Myanmar to transfer money from your Onepay account to different bank accounts directly through the app located in the ‘transfer icon’. The service is powered by AGD Bank.

Which banks can I transfer money to from my Onepay account?

Currently, you can directly transfer to 16 different banks. These include A Bank, AGD Bank, AYA Bank, CB Bank, CHID Bank, GTB Bank, KBZ Bank, MAB Bank, MCB Bank, MOB Bank, MTB Bank, MWD Bank, SHWE Bank, SME Bank, UAB Bank and Yoma Bank.

Any charges for Interbank service?

There are different charges based on the respective banks that you want to transfer to. These charges are the same as the counter rates set by each bank. You may also check the rate charges from the Onepay app before confirming the transfer. There are no additional charges set by Onepay.

How long will it take for the money to be transferred to a receiver’s bank account using the interbank service?

It will take 1 working day.

How can we transfer money using Interbank service?

  1. Tap transfer and select the bank

  2. Enter recipient (beneficiary) details as required

  3. Enter transfer amount

  4. Enter an optional note for recipient

  5. Press ‘Transfer’ to send funds to recipient’s bank account

What is the transfer limit to bank accounts?

The current transfer limit is 10,000,000 Kyats and can only be made if you are a Onepay verified user.

COVID-19 News

What is the new Covid-19 Feature in Onepay?

This new feature will help you see all the information such as number of cases, announcements, articles and useful facts in one place. All these information are referred from MOHS announcements and reliable media sources.

Add/ Withdraw Money

How can I add funds to Onepay account?

You can fund Onepay account in 4 ways: (1) Cash-in at Onepay agent, (2) Link AGD Bank account and transfer funds to Onepay, (3) Use a debit or credit card, and (4) Cash-in at 123 agent.

Can I add funds to my Onepay account using other banks' debit or local/ International credit card?

Yes, you can use any local/international MPU, VISA or Mastercard cards from any banks to add funds to your Onepay account.

I’m having problems when I add money from my MPU Debit Cards. Why?

MPU Debit Cards from any banks can be used. However, it must be an e-commerce registered MPU card.

Any charges for adding money into Onepay account?

No charges are applied for adding money into Onepay account at this moment.

Can I withdraw money from Onepay account?

Yes. You can transfer back to your AGD Bank account and withdraw (or) can do cash out through our nearby agents.

Are there any charges for cash withdrawal from Onepay account?

Though there is no fee for withdrawal through your AGD Bank account, users need to pay 1.25% with the maximum fees of 3,000Ks for cash out through our Agents.


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